60 - 1959 Marine Drive

North Vancouver, BC V7P 3G1



​​​dk Architecture is a socially responsible, architecture firm that provides full architectural services for projects of varying types and scales including:

   Commercial  |  Cultural  |  Educational  |  First Nations  |  Health  |  Multi-unit Residential  | Sustainable

​​dk Architecture is client services orientated and takes a holistic approach to design. This ensures that client concerns are clearly translated into the project without compromise.

dk Architecture believes that good design should respond to, and be cultivated from the unique qualities of its surrounding environment. Materials and the poetics of construction should be amplified by current social and physical context. dk Architecture believes that architecture is the thoughtful gathering of what already exists to reveal the nature of the place.​​

All building projects impact the environment in many ways. The key is to ensure that any building will complement the environment. dk Architecture’s goal is to always design a highly energy efficient, durable building with a low carbon footprint and low impact on the environment. This will reduce long term operational costs and will ensure the viability and success of the building. dk Architecture’s social responsibility and holistic approach to design automatically incorporates sustainable practices and design principals into every project.